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About us

Pig farming in India is a growing and low risk business. There is growing demand for pork from the hotel industry and fast food chains in the country. The growing demand for pork has prompted farmers in India to go in for pig farming in a big way. The demand for pork meat has increased significantly over the years due to the high prices of red meat. The pork is becoming a meat of choice. Pig rearing is the industry with tremendous growth potential.
There is tremendous potential for pig farmers in India as the demand of pork is much more than its production. Limited number of pig farms and their small size do not meet the daily requirements pork in the country. Around 395 thousand metric tons of pig meat was expected to be consumed in 2018 across India. Pigs grow fast and are a prolific breeder, giving birth to 08 to 12 piglets at a time.

A Pig capable of producing two litters per year under optimal management conditions. Pigs have shorter generation interval as compare to other classes of livestock. Pigs rearing offers quick returns as the market weight of 60-100 KG of a Pig can be achieved in period from 4-7 months.

The carcass return in case of pig is quite high i.e. 60 – 80 percent of live body weight. Pig industry is developing a very much specialized industry today due to growing consumption of pork of the meat of choice of modern Indians now a day’s pig farming is very profitable business in India due to high demand of pork.

We are maintaining a pig farm at Sheolda, 20 KM  from Meerut Medical College on Meerut-Garhmukteshwar Road, Uttar Pradesh, India having about 1500 pigs of all age groups. Ours pig farm is owned , run and managed by a Veterinary doctor having degree of B.V.Sc & A.H. from G.B. Pant University & Tech. Pantnagar( Nainital ) . We rear exotic breeds of pig like Hampshire , Large White York Shire , Landrace. We are in this business for the last 06 years. We sell the pigs of all age groups i.e. baby pigs aged about 2 months, castrated males, gilts, sows and boars.

We feed our pigs with the feed prepared at our own farm from ingredients like Maize, Soya Meal, Groundnut Cake, Rice Bran, Fish Meal, Wheat Bran, Minerals, Vitamins etc. Our pigs are regularly dewormed. We regularly vaccinate them against swine fever & Food & Mouth disease to allow them to survive in healthy environment. We are proud of what we do and the animals we raise. We care deeply for our animals and the lives they lead while in our care.

Please don’t feed your pigs with hotel residue food as it causes acidity and ulcers in the intestine of the pigs hampering their growth and also leading to mortality/death.

We also impart training “FREE OF CHARGE” to those who are interested and willing to start their own pig farm. We do things in a different way and would like to show you, If you are interested in Pig business.

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Vill.- Sheolda, 20KM from Meerut Medical College on Meerut-Garhmukteshwar Road, Opp. Machhra Degree College, Distt.- Meerut, Uttar Pradesh- India

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